Flaunt-telligence n.

1. the use or exercise of Flaunt-tellect esp when carried out with considerable ability. 

2. the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment

Flaunt Hair Designs is that sweet spot between the freedoms of a suite salon and the community of a traditional commission based salon. At Flaunt Hair Designs you stand behind the chair, or sit at a nail table on your terms, it's truly your business! Work the days and times that fit your life style and clientele. You also get the benefit of working with other seasoned professionals who are more than willing to share their experience.

If you've worked in this industry long enough to build your clientele, you know who you are and you know who you aren't. You're more main street than runway, more excitement than drama, and more education than ego. You have long since gotten over yourself and yet you still feel passion and joy for what you do. But you want to do it on your terms, with no apologies.


You want to work, when you want to work. Total flexibility of schedule. So what are your choices? You don't want to open your own salon and you don't want to go to one of those suite salons because you still love the vibe and community of a traditional salon. There is only one choice...Flaunt Hair Designs! You know you've got it, so now it's time for you to Flaunt it!!